My name is Paul Werner. In 1973 I founded the Orange Press while a member of an anarchist print shop called Come! Unity Press. The idea was, and still is, to do everything myself: writing, printing, distributing. Nothing’s changed. In 1999 I started WOID. A journal of visual language, along the same principles.

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! סאָלידאַרישקייַט / انسجام / Solidarity / Freundschaft / Solidarité / Solidarietà /Solidariedade!*

* [Languages in which I work, have been published, or expect to be published.]

Paul Werner, PhD, DsE, ÖSsG, CGT, UAW Local 7902.

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برای تغییر مغزها که پوسیدن For changing the rotten brains. WOID, a journal of visual language.